Art route Zwolle

From station to city center

Zwolle Station is the second-biggest railway hub in the Netherlands, and now also an intersection of generations and eras thanks to the artwork
Portal by Ram Katzir and Hertog Nadler.

Portal is a permanent art route that blends everyday life and imaginary worlds.
The route consists of a panoramic video installation at Zwolle Station, a series of sculptures on the way towards the city, and a blue bronze line that connects all these elements. Portal is a special asset for the city of Zwolle, and would not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation of more than 500 locals.

Ram Katzir specializes in public art, often with a historical and social context. His work attempts to raise awareness of the place and time in which we are living. Chaja Hertog and Nir Nadler make up the artist-duo Hertog Nadler. Their work covers the spectrum of time-based mediums, blurring boundaries between politics and poetics, between choreography and chance.

Portal invites you to discover how closely lives in different periods are linked, and how our individual and collective memory is shaped. The entire route can be experienced from different directions, and is designed with no beginning and no end. 

Portal was made possible with the help of ProRail and  generous contributions by the European Union, the municipality of Zwolle, the province of Overijssel, Shosho, and the Mondriaan Fund.

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